Getting Started

Time is of the essence as water that is left to stand will cause further damage and potentially promote the growth of mold. There may be an excess of water still within your property, as a complete water damage restoration company, we’ll deal with the water extraction process.

Drying the Building

Once the building is free from standing water, the interior must be dried. The water may have penetrated the internal structure of the building, causing damage that may not at first be obvious. This can cause weaknesses in the fabric of the building, so it is important that the drying is completed fully, and any structural repairs made as a priority.


Once the structure is sound, the cleaning of the interior can commence restoring the building to its pre-damaged condition. Our team of professionals can ensure that the growth of mold is prevented, this will enable you to continue to use it as before.

Extract, Dry, Clean, Put Back

Saguaro Restoration will quickly and efficiently assess the damage and repairs to assist you through the mitigation process.


We use a range of highly advanced equipment to examine and test the structure and interior of your building to guarantee your safety, and that the building is restored to it’s original state.

Saguaro Restoration is the water damage restoration company you can trust to complete your repairs and restoration as quickly as possible. You can be certain that all work is completed by certified technicians, and that you’ll soon have full use of your property again.

Call Saguaro Restoration now at 480-999-0288 to make an appointment for an assessment of your water damage. We’re happy to discuss all the options available to help.