Saguaro will come and use a HEPA vacuum to remove the excess soil. We are outfitted to clean the structure with the proper personal protection equipment (PPE). We wash everything in order to remove the odors from anything not damaged from the fire. We are equipped and trained on how to remove these harmful toxins from your house. To ensure the premise or structure is restored to it’s original state, do not try cleaning it yourself. We evaluate the damage and will walk you thru the process and the areas that need to be restored.  Call us 480-999-0288

What To Do

Due to the high pressure generated from fire, the material that has been damaged is contaminated and will cause adverse effects through being aerosolized (thru cleaning) or absorbed thru your skin. Trust Saguaro.

Don't Try Cleaning Yourself

While it’s fine to open the windows to allow for ventilation, make sure that the building is unoccupied and don’t try to start cleaning by yourself. It may seem simple enough to wipe the walls and ceilings, but you will be putting yourself at risk.

Trust Saguaro Restoration

Allow the professionals to do their job. It’s usually too big of a task for an individual to deal with, and so trusting a company like Saguaro Restoration to determine what is needed and complete the restoration is the safest and easiest way forward.

Fired Damage Specialists

Call in a Fire Damage Restoration Company to Help


If your property has been damaged by fire, reduce your stress by choosing a fire damage restoration company with experience and skill. We’ll work quickly and efficiently to provide a solution that exceeds your expectations, helping you to get back in the building that is important to you.

Fire damage restoration can be a complex and dangerous task that requires specialist equipment and should never be undertaken lightly. Choosing an experienced and responsive fire damage restoration company is therefore vitally important

Call us now at 480-999-0288 to make an appointment for an assessment for fire damage restoration. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our team to find out more about how a fire damage restoration company can help.